Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring Patterns are out!

I seem to get most of my patterns from the bins at the second hand store lately, but I still get excited each season when the pattern companies start to release their new designs.

Here's a peek at what McCall's has to offer for early spring.  I have absolutely nowhere to wear something like this but I think it's super pretty:

I can't help it, there's something about the wide legged version of these pants that I really like:

It seems that Simplicity is the place to go if you want a royal copycat wedding ensemble:

And New Look has a few new designs out too.  Like these lovely day wear dresses.

I hate the Simplicity Project Runway patterns (sizing is wonky and directions are sketchy) but I wonder if these are better?  Anyone out there ever tried a Workroom pattern?

Butterick and Vogue are still on their holiday catalogues but I'm sure they'll both have some great ideas soon.  Can't wait!
What's your favourite pattern company?  Do you still use patterns or is everyone just DIY'ing their own?  Leave a comment below~

Next week I'm starting a series, showing you where to find great FREE patterns from reliable professional resources.  Check in each Thursday to find out the best places to shop...for FREE!

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