Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Lost... on YouTube

Don't you just love YouTube?!?!

I used to get lost for hours starting with Cat Stevens live concert footage and somehow ending up at an old episode of Fantasy Island via a few Solid Gold performances.


Lately, my YouTube travels seem to venture more towards beauty and crafting guru's.  Here are a couple of crafters who I stumbled upon and thought you would find interesting.

SalinaBear is a young woman from Vancouver who shows you how to cut up your old T shirts and apply weaving techniques to make a whole new top!


GiannyL is another beautiful young woman, from Ecuador, with loads of great idea on deconstructed clothes and making things from scratch without a pattern...what makes her videos even better is that she always does it to an awesome Latino hit song.


Both girls make their projects easy to understand and have wonderful and unique ideas.

Have fun getting lost on YouTube!

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