Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vintage Inspiration: Bikini Sizzler

As I've been going through all of my vintage patterns and posting them for sale over at Etcetorize Vintage Pattern Supplies I wonder with some of them if anyone will actually purchase them.

These patterns are sooooo cute, but honestly, do you think you could pull of a Bikini Sizzler???  I don't think I could.

Vintage Sewing Patterns, Mini-dress, HarajukuVintage Sewing Patterns, Mini-dress, Harajuku

Vintage Sewing Patterns, Mini-dress, Harajuku

So, today's modern take on these patterns comes from Japan.  You got it...the Harajuku girls!

Meet Gwen Stefanis Harajuku Girls at Bloomingdale’s

Now stick with me, if Gwen Stefani and her friends can do it, why not you???

The pic above is of an British celebrity named Cher Lloyd.  I'm afraid I don't know her but she seems to be pulling off the Harajuku vibe without going overboard.

Just picture the Bikini Sizzler or the Baby Doll in some bright colours with contrasting trim and you're well on your way to hanging with Gwen!

Oooooorrrrr, if Harajuku just isn't your thing and you don't have a date with Skating with the Stars in your near future you could just lengthen the skirt part of the dresses.  It's not quite as exciting but ít's probably far more doable.

Any thoughts?  Do you see a Bikini Sizzler in your future?  (I can't stop saying that, I think it's the coolest name for a dress.)

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