Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage Inspiration:Shirt Dress

Can you believe this pattern is from 1967???

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I think it's just as wearable today as it was over 40 years ago.  What a classic!

This one's from 1970:

Ah, if only I could be as cool and sophisticated as the woman in white~
Here are some great modern day versions from Micheal Kors and Ralph Lauren:

Sometimes updating a pattern has little to do with the shape and more to do with the styling.  Use a beautiful modern print or go khaki for a safari vibe.  You could even try some shirting material for a sort of sexy men's wear feel.

For this and other great patterns from the 50's up to the 80's head over to Etcetorize Vintage Pattern Supplies and check out all the great fashions from the past.

1 comment:

Gen said...

I just LOVE the green one on the very bottom. So sexy is a very covered up way! Awesome for the office. Thanks for the idea... now I'll be looking for one for myself! Etcetorize much? Green please!


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