Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Very Easy, Very Vogue...Very Blah

Normally I love Vogue patterns, even the easy ones.  They usually have the detail and style that a designer pattern has without the $30 price tag.

The two that I'm going to show you today though....blah.  I thought they'd be a nice simple silhouette that would be perfect for the office but I doubt very much that I'll be wearing either one of these.

Here's the first one:

I made view A.  Simple, elegant, form fitting.

I was originally going to make the top piece in a solid bluey grey fabric that matches the floral print but changed my mind at the last minute.

I confess that I did wear it to a work event once but the only reason was because I had really long hair and was able to hide the back of it.

I actually had to make a little patch that I pinned across the top of the zipper on the inside so that my bra strap wouldn't show.  There is a hook and eye but it's murder to clasp it without it help.

This dress is definitely going in the 'not wearing ever again' pile.

I thought I could make up for that disaster with the next Vogue pattern:

Again, very simple, classic, and elegant.

But also not a very good fit.

I'm standing with my hands like that so that
I can take it in a bit.  I would probably look
funny if I walked around the office all day like this though~
It's not  quite as bad as the first one and I'll admit that I could take it in and that would at least help, but the truth is when I put it on it reminds me of a dentist smock for some weird reason.  Maybe it's that high round neckline. I never wear round necklines if I can help it.  Still, I can't get the dentist office image out of my head so I doubt I'll ever actually wear it.

I'm not sure if it's the patterns or just that this style doesn't suit my body type but I'm off the Vogue for awhile.

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Unknown said...

Bummer!! I really liked the first one until the photo of the back. It is so disappointing after you put all the work into something and then it doesn't turn out. But I am glad you did the post because I wont be buying Vogue Patterns.

Madison said...

Oh, I don't think they're that bad! I admit, the back of the first one is a little rough, but I think if you wore it with a cardigan and a nice necklace it would look great. And maybe on the second one if you wore a belt over it it would bring in the waist a little bit and make it look less dentist smock-ish (ha!)? Just some ideas. I'm sorry you weren't as happy about them as you had hoped! Thanks for sharing, anyway. I appreciate your honesty. It makes me feel good knowing I'm not the only one who sews things and then never wears them because of how they turned out!


Jan said...

I don't think they look bad but it is how you feel in a dress that counts.

The first clue to a problem pattern -- there is only a sketch on the envelope not a photo of a real garment on a real person. You cannot really judge a pattern until you see it made up.
If there is a photo and you like it, then you look at the line drawings for design details. Personally I don't like the fit of all in one sleeves and bodice like the first pattern.
The second pattern I like. I don't see the dentist smock but you made me laugh .

Lauryn Ashli said...

i actually love that second one. just belt it! belts solve everything in my opinion. thanks for sharing!
{love} lauryn @

Bailey K. | Travel Heals said...

even if it doesn't fit, it is still very beautiful on you! (jealous of your sewing skills)

Nikki Monet said...

Aww I love the second one on you!! Its too bad it didnt fit :(

Connie the crafterbug said...

Wow great job on both dresses! You look great in them too!

Eve said...

Good job on the dresses but you can only do so much with a badly designed pattern. I agree that one key is to only buy pattern with real photos and not drawings. So frustrating when that happens.

If you have a minute stop by and enter my Giveaway for a custom made pinstripe skirt.

Just Jaime said...

Sorry for the bad luck with Vogue! Both dresses look well made, however!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Cant tell you had any troubles. You dress looks fab!

Id LOVE for you to link this up to my new DIY fashion linky party called DIY Diva Thursdays! We party until Monday, so you have plenty of time to link up! I hope to see you there :)



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