Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tickle Trunk

As most of you know it was niece and nephew's birthday recently.  Those two little kids are pretty lucky and they have lots of relatives who can't help but shower them with lots of love...and lots of toys.

So for their birthday's I wanted to do something a little different. 

If you grew up in Canada you know who this is:

Mr. Dressup
Mr. Dressup
aka Ernie Coombs
And I'm sure you'll remember what this is:

It's the tickle trunk!!  For those of you who weren't lucky enough to grow up on this stuff, Mr. Dressup was surrounded by puppet friends, he drew and did crafts, and always always ended up having to dress up in some crazy costume or hat every day.

Anyway, the tickle trunk, which was always full of the best costumes, was one of the best parts of the show.  So...I made one for my niece and nephew!

My pictures aren't so hot because the kids were so excited and all of our camera's either ran out of batteries or disc space at the same time.

Basically, I just took my sister's old trunk that was still at my mom's house and filled it with handmade costumes and halloween accessories.

It was filled with capes, wings, tutus, dresses, swords, and wigs.  It was so much fun watching the kids try on one thing after the other.

By the time they left my nephew would only answer to King of Hearts and my niece to Princess something or other.

With all of the technology and blinking loud toys kids have these days I wasn't sure how this would go over but I was so happy that they enjoyed it.  And now I can add more and more costumes to it~

Any other Mr. Dressup fans out there?


AnnaPK said...

I grew up in upstate New York, but we got a CBC channel from Kingston just across the lake. I loved Mr. Dressup too! I was just telling my husband about that show but he had never seen it. Thanks for the flashback!

Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... said...

Fellow Cdn and huge Mr. Dress Up fan. My sister and brother-in-law actually just gave my kids 4 dvd series of Mr. Dress Up...they loved and we replay it often. Oh how I miss real tv for kids when you watch Mr. Dress Up, and wonder why they haven't gone back to shows like this and Romper Room, Uncle Bobby and Captain Kangaroo. Very much would love to see these show come back to life because sometimes with all the technology out there life just needs to slow down and escape, which is what the Tickle Trunk stood for...becoming someone new just by dawning a costume. Love Mr. Dress Up!!!
Thanks for the post.
P.S. New follower too:)


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