Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creativ Festival Here I Come!!!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited!  With a little help from Air Miles and Priority Club, I made my arrangements to attend Creativ Festival this year in Toronto!!!!

 This festival isn't just big.  It's not just huge.  It Is MASSIVE!!!

Classes, workshops, and seminars start on the 19th and then on the 21st the exhibition floor opens up for three full days of nothing but crafting and sewing excitement.

You can learn hands on in 11 different categories plus there are free demonstrations and giveaways.

I've signed up for a fimo cane making class, a sewing class on working with sheer fabrics and another one with Sandra Betzina (!!!) on pant linings, another sewing class on cool edges, and one more three hour class all on serger feet.  If you're not a sewer that probably doesn't sound very exciting but really.... it is~

I really wanted to go last year but just couldn't swing it.  I've decided not to hold back this year and just went for it.  Toronto is pretty far from where I live, about a 5 hour flight, but it's going to be soooo worth it!

Have any of you ever been to the festival???  Make sure to leave a comment below to tell us all about it.

Check out the Creativ Festival for more information.  Maybe I'll see you there!!!!


Jan said...

I have attended every festival since it started. I have worked many times for different vendors. You will have a great time.
Since you are a paper crafter and sewer you will really enjoy it. The experts are top quality and so are the fashion shows.
Bring lots of money for shopping.
Maybe we can meet up between classes?

WobiSobi said...

I wish I was going!:)


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