Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Seersucker

Well, the mornings are getting cooler and the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier.  This just might the last of this year's summer projects for my niece.

I used a couple of different patterns to put together a cute three piece outfit to see out the last warm days of summer.

She was in a bit of a goofy mood when it was picture time and it took awhile before I could get her to do some model poses for me.

Here's a close up of the fabric.  Can you see that slip of shiny silver thread that runs through it?  That's what drew me to the fabric.  She kept saying "It sparkles!!"

Here she is with the little caplet or bolero, whatever you want to call it:

And now you can see the little tank underneath with straps that match the pants.

She was still being slightly goofy for the 'serious' shots, but she's only 4 years old so that's allowed, actually it's encouraged.  If only we could all be 4 years old again~


Unknown said...

She is so cute!! What a great set you made. I love seersucker!!

jenni_867 said...

She may have to go into modeling classes this year instead of dance!


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