Thursday, July 26, 2012

She bangs???

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I need your help!

I've been growing out my bangs all summer.  No reason, I just was able to get past the awkward stage and felt like I should keep going.

I'm not sure though....should I get bangs tomorrow?

That was an excellent bang day.

Most likely they'll look more like this eventually:

What do you think?  To bang or not to bang!?!?!?!?!?


Little City Farm said...

That's a tricky one. You look amazing both ways. Which way is easier to style?

Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Tamara,

I think with bangs you look like younger :)!

Hugs from Portugal

Ana Love Craft

Anonymous said...

I was going without bangs for awhile and went back to them. It is a fun younger look! Who doesn't want to look younger. :)

Amy said...

Ah, the question of the ages. :) You are gorgeous and look great in both styles, but I kind of like the bangs a teensy bit better.

Bliss said...

Bangs are sassy. I say bangs.



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