Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Colourful Card

July is a busy month for me...birthday-wise.  I've got at least 3 coming up that I can remember, and I'm sure there are more that have slipped my mind.

So, this past long weekend, whenever I needed to cool off from the sudden heat wave we're having, I came inside and started making birthday cards.

This one is for my niece.

I thought I'd try playing with colours that I usually avoid, like super bright yellow and orange mixed with hot pink.

I wanted to add some texture too so I added some pop up butterflies and layered the greeting.

The truth is, she's turning 6 and really won't care what her card looks like.  She'll be too busy checking out what toy or Barbie or lip gloss her auntie has foolishly bought her while desperately hoping it's not a box of socks....'cause her auntie can be a little weird like that sometimes~


Jan said...

What a fun and happy card. I love the added glitz.
I know its been a while since I commented but I have been reading.

My daughter makes cards too. She just started a blog
Check it out, if you have some time.

Helle / A Spoonful of Crafts said...

How lovely. Such nice and bright colours!

I'm a new follower through GFC.

Mitzi said...

Very pretty, bright colors. I love it!


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