Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Balloon Card

Next up on my parade of birthday cards is the one I made for my nephew.  I always have a hard time making cards for males but I like this design because it can be adjusted to suit anyone.

I wanted to play with negative space, so instead of cutting out each balloon, I cut the shape out of the ivory covering paper and then placed different papers behind it.

Was this easier than having my Silhouette cut out the balloon shapes?  Probably not.  But it was a fun experiment.

I couldn't resist adding just a bit of sparkle and then I did my usual thing with the greeting.

Like yesterday's card, the fact is that he's turning 7, and really won't care about this card, but it's good practice for me~


Unknown said...

They grow so fast! That card is just lovely.

jenni_867 said...

He's going to love it :)

Jan said...

Another gret card. I like the idea of the cutout with the pattern paper behind.

Make sure his mother saves the card. He will appreciate it when he is older.


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