Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Show and Tell: Just a couple of things I made this week

AH!  It's already Tuesday.  I had Monday off from work and now my week is a little topsy turvey.  I thought I had another day to get myself organized, but it looks like time has run out.  So, this week I'll just show you a couple of little projects that I whipped up for myself the other day.

Another peasant dress:

peasant dress
I'm having a bad hair day so I had to cut my head off~

This was the inspiration:

Sorry, I can't remember the source of this image.

And it's a variation of this top that I made for my shop:

My closet is half full of peasant dresses and tops so it's not like I needed another one but I really do believe that the style is perfect for almost anyone.  I love, love, love the fabric.  It's hard to tell from the picture but there's a beautiful sheen to it and it's nice medium weight that lets it fall just right.  It sounds silly but you sewers out there will understand when I say that I wait for the fabric to tell me what it's going to be.  And this was just screaming peasant dress to me.

Wooden Beads Necklace:

DIY wooden necklace, Wooden beads, Easy necklace, DIY Beaded necklace, easy crafting

I picked up these beads at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for a whopping 25 cents before Christmas.  All I did was string them onto a pretty ribbon but I find beauty in the simplistic.  I can get all artsy on you and talk about the juxtaposition of hard and soft, lightness and darkness, etc.  But the truth is that I thought the beads were nice enough on their own and didn't need a whole lot of anything else.  Plus I'm beginning to dream of far off hot places for vacation and this fits in with the island vibe that's going on in my head right now.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think~


Jenny Hall / Seamingly Smitten said...

Great dress! It looks flattering!

Anonymous said...

Saw this dress at a link partie - Looks beautiful on you! I have been meaning to sew these type of dresses & now you have given me some incentive to do so!
from your newest follower

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

very cute! i like yours better than the original!

Anonymous said...

WOW -- You are so gorgeous and very talented, as well. I certainly think I can be inspired by you! I look forward to following, my new friend!

nicolette {momnivores dilemma} said...


Love your style. Those beads were a kill, huh?

Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday!

AllieMakes! said...

Very cute! I love a sweet peasant dress in the winter! You look great!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

KimMalk said...

Your dress is just darling, aww, you shouldn't have cut your head off. Yes! I know what you mean about fabric speaking to you!

WobiSobi said...

Wow so much talent. Following!!! Love everything you made.

Katherine said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous- much prettier than your inspiration image! Wish I knew how to whip myself up a dress! The beads are pretty too and complement the dress but could be worn with just about anything! I'm also fantasizing about a warm tropical vacation right now! Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!

Kitty Deschanel said...

You made that dress?? It's beautiful! Though, next time it would be nice to see your head too ;)

You've had quite the productive week!

Katherine said...

Featured this at Gettin' Krafty With It this week! Feel free to swing by and grab a featured button. Hope you'll be linking up again this week!


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