Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Etcetorize!!! (+Giveaway)

Wow!  2 years old today!  I can hardly believe it.  I had no idea I would stick with blogging this long and that I would enjoy it so much!

                             Happy Birthday Comments Pictures

There were times when I wondered what the heck I was doing this all for, but in the end, it's just plain fun to share your creations and get wonderful feedback from such an amazing and supportive community.  You guys rock!

I know I probably don't have as many followers as I should have, and I don't follow all of the trends very closely, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm doing (i.e. Facebook), but I have fun learning and meeting new people every day.

I remember when I hit 12 followers. I had a minor heart attack and wondered how earth I was going to keep this up to make all 12 people happy.  Now I'm up to over 700 followers, over 450 posts, and over 580,000 page views!  I try not to get caught up in the stats, but I have to say...those numbers make me pretty happy~

So to celebrate, first I'm going to share some of my all time favourite projects and posts and then I'm going to give you a chance to win an AWESOME birthday present from Plaid!

Fav Tutorials:
Oh boy, this is hard!  I love them all.  Here's a few you should check out though:
1. The project that started a craze...how to make a Spool Knitter.
2.  You know how much I love butterflies and Mod Podge...these Butterfly Coasters put them both together.
3.  These gorgeous Butterfly Bookmarks add a little something special to your reading experience.
4. It still boggles my mind, but my Paper Jewellery project is still going strong on Pinterest.
5. I love refashioning scarves, and this pretty Scarf Purse was one of my favourite.

Fav Show & Tells
I usually share a project mid-week without a tutorial, just showing you what else I'm up to.
1. One of my first Show and Tells were these Pretty Beaded Rings I made while living in Japan.
2. This Crazy Quilt Box was the envelope for my Mother's Day Card, it was that big!
3. I even surprised myself with how cute this Refashioned Yoke dress turned out for my niece.
4. I love and use this Recycle Coffee Table Bench every day.

Fav Inspiration Shots:
I used to post a photo from my trips around the world but people didn't seem very interested so I've stopped doing it, I do love these shots though~
1. My 2 month camping trip across Eastern and Southern Africa was the trip of lifetime and one of my favourites.  This amazing creature was photographed while on safari in the Masai.
2. I love to visit aquariums while I'm travelling, and the one in Okinawa, Japan is still
 one of the best that I've seen.
3. I used to live in the Caribbean too, and this shot from St. John brings it all back instantly.
4.  And this is where I live (North Central Saskatchewan)!  Sometimes I forget
 just how beautiful my own backyard is!

Ahhh, always nice to walk down memory lane.  To see more great projects and photos just visit the tabs up top.

And now, what I know you've really been waiting for...
the Giveaway from Plaid!
Take a look at these AWESOME prizes.
One lucky Etcetorizer will win ALL OF THESE ITEMS!!!

I'm going to give you lots of ways to enter and lots of time to do it.  Have your rafflecopter entry(s) in by the end of the month and I'll announce a winner at the beginning of September.  Good luck you lovely Etcetorizers!!

Thanks for making the past two years
such a fun, exciting, and creative journey!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Sorry guys, I don't why I have so much trouble with Facebook, I just don't get it.  I can't get Rafflecopter to find me on Facebook, but if you do a search over there for Etcetorize (maybe Et Cetorize???) I think I come up.  You can friend me or like me or subscribe or whatever the heck your supposed to do.  Ahhh, someday it will all make sense I'm sure.  If anyone knows where I can find an easy to follow beginners guide to FB, please tell me where, I'll be eternally grateful~)


AngieOuellette-Tower said...

HaPpY "Bloggy" BiRtHdAy!!!!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

A very happy birthday to you! I love your posts, and your great comments in return! Thank you for sharing all the great tutorials, projects, and features!

Fifi said...

happy b-day !!!! you make a cool blog ;)

Spittin-Toad said...

Happy B-Day!!! I'm happy I found your blog!!

Fifi said...

Yay!! Happy Blog Birthday!

Enjoy your day!

Chris said...

I love all your scarf refashions to clothes! I haven't made them yet, but I love the possibilities are there when I find the right one!

Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Tamara,

VERY HAPPY "BLOGBIRTHDAY"!I'm a blogger for four months and I was fortunate to meet your blog! I love your posts, tutorials, lovely comments in return, at last you make me company :). I looooove the butterflies bookmarkers I didn't discover them yet.I must try it! Thanks for all !
Very Happy week!

Ana from Portugal

Unknown said...

Ooooo that's a hard one... probably all the things you did with the scarves. I'm still so impressed what you came up with for them.:)

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday!
I do receive your email newsletter and so glad that I had signed up for it.
Love your butterfly coasters..
Thank you on this giveaway opportunity.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

The travel journal!!

Sanchari Banerjee said...

Two years is pretty awesome!! Happy Blogoversary! :)

Sanchari Banerjee said...

Two years is pretty awesome!! Happy Blogoversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Your blog just keeps getting better and better.
Mama mia

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

Brenda said...

Congratulations on your 2nd. YEAHH!!
One of the most interesting comments made to me by a Boss on "holidays" was: Be a tourist in your own town.
A great way to spend a weekend and develop a sense of neighbourhood pride. My kids (who were young at the time) and I had a great time and learned a whole lot too.
Loving your blog.
Cheers, from Oshawa Ontario,

Mama G said...

Disco pumpkins! Those look so cool and pretty easy.

Jan said...

Happy Blogday! I know I have been silent for awhile but I wanted to say congrats.

I always enjoy you and your blog. You are very sweet.

You were the first fellow Canadian blogger that I found.
Congrats again,

lori_r8 said...

I love the Mod Podge Chair..I am going to try a dresser!

Suzanne Winter said...

I love the 'coats' post - such great lines and collar details!

Vanessa Dawne said...

What a wonderful giveaway, Tamara. Happy Blog Birthday!

Vanessa Dawne said...

Oops, forgot to tell you I love your tutorial for little gift boxes -- I am forever trying to find cheaper ways for wrapping gifts.

Rochelle said...

I love the spool knitter.

Happy Blog Birthday!

rrjane011749 said...


Jackie said...

Happy birthday!
From the Inspiration Shot page, I love the Saskatchewan Fall photo. I have always found trees to be so beautiful, and autumn is my favorite time of year.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Unknown said...

OH, I love the summer LBD from the Show and Tell page!


Unknown said...

Love the mod podge chair!

Cristen said...

I love the Show & Tell Wall FLowers:

Deanna said...

fave: http://etcetorize.blogspot.cz/2011/02/inspiration-shotvariegated-flowers.html

hennies.pennies said...

I love all the things you do with simple scarf. Amazing! Be especially blessed, Kathy

Dana said...

accordian card

Amy Ahonen said...

I loved the butterfly bookmarks. I have tons of beads just laying around and plenty of ribbon I can make some with. What a fun idea. Gonna do some sort of a Halloween themed one.

Linh C. said...

The Sunglass Holder tutorial.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I like a lot of your projects, but one of my faves is the Disco Pumpkin--oh Yeah!

Unknown said...

Muy feliz dia! Your projects are very nice!

Donna said...

Love the pinspired gift tags. Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

I loved seeing your posts about jewelry, I love making simple beautiful jewelry :)

dianne gray said...

hi i have liked you on facebook, subscribed and follow your blog as well as plaids. i love there products

Anonymous said...

Shirley said:
Happy Birthday and a great giveaway.

Connie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Connie said...

Had to delete my first comment because I didn't read your instructions very well. (what a day! lol) My favorite project of yours if definitely the floral mod podge chair($2 garage sale find makes it even better!) That's how I found your blog actually. Love it and plan to find a chair I can do the same thing to! Would love one for my desk. Great blog, great products, and a great opportunity to win. Thanks for the chance. Happy Birthday and to many more years of success.


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