Friday, October 3, 2014

Cutlery Covers

I like making pretty things as much as any other crafter out there.  But what I really love doing is making pretty things that are practical!  Like these awesome Cutlery Covers~

DIY Cutlery Covers, Origami

Every once in awhile I forget my lunch kit in the fridge at work and the next day I have to throw my lunch, and my utensils, in my purse.  I figured with some easy-to-make covers I could avoid sticking myself with my fork and better yet, keeping my utensils clean enough for eating off of.

Here's all you need to make your own Cutlery Covers:

-Pretty Paper
-Ruler and Pencil

That's it!

We'll start with the Fork/Spoon cover:
1) Start with a piece of paper with the dimensions shown below.

3) Fold your paper in half length wide so that you have a skinnier long rectangle.

4) Fold in half cross wise to find the centre.

5) Unfold.  Find the halfway mark of the right hand side and fold up.

6) Keeping the last fold in place, fold the square at the top down.

7) Fold the entire right hand side square over so that you can see the little pocket.

8) Simple fold the left hand side square into the pocket to secure everything in place.

You should have a little pocket like this:

Just slip your fork or spook inside:

Now, for your knife:

1) Start with larger piece of paper with the dimensions below.

2) Fold the paper across the diagonal so that you now have a triangle with a fold along the bottom.

3) Fold your paper in half continually until you get all of the fold lines shown below:

You'll just use the fold lines as guidelines so once you're done unfold back to your triangle shape.

4) Fold along line #3, matching lines 2 and 5.

5) Fold everything to the left along line #5.

6) Keep wrapping the paper around towards the back.  You should get a small tail sticking out at the top right side.

7) Just wrap that little tail around to the front and tuck into the fold to secure everything in place.

Now just slip your knife into the pocket that you've created.

This is a great way to use up those small scraps of paper you've been keeping, or for those cute little 6X6 pads of paper that you have stacking up in your closet.

Do you take your lunch to work?  Any special tips?  Leave a comment below~


Maša said...

Ha, I would never think of something like this. :) I'm always for practicality and I love that funky pattern.

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Congratulations! This post is featured over at Diana Rambles today and has been pinned in the Featured at Diana Rambles board at Pinterest, Tweeted, and Recommended on G+. Please grab a featured button off my sidebar or via the link under the features. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

Lou Lou Girls said...

Cool idea! Pinned. We couldn’t think of anyone better to party with! Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm.
Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls


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