Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Perfect Pattern Parcel

As I was out perusing the linky parties the other day I happened to come across a site called Perfect Pattern Parcel.  Have you heard about it???

PPP Logo
Perfect Pattern Parcel

While looking at their Pinterest page of customer's creations I noticed loads of great kids/tweens patterns that I really liked!

Perfect Pattern Parcel Customer Creations

Looks like they even had some patterns for those of us who are a little larger than all those cuties above:

Perfect Pattern Parcel Customer Creations

I looked all over their website to find these awesome designs....when I finally I found this at the bottom of the first page:

That was on Sunday, which means the next pattern parcel will be out in just over a week!  I'm quite excited and am really looking forward to the seeing what they're going to offer.  It's too bad you can't purchase past patterns though.

Have you ever used this website?  Leave a comment below and tell the rest of us about your experience~


Donna Wilkes said...

A great way to promote small business designers. I know your secret mission is to make me start sewing again.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tamara, I have heard of PPP but I've never purchased a pattern package from them- looks like a great deal. I've also used some of their patterns (as has my blogging friend). I think it looks like a great way to start building up an independent pattern designer collection!


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