Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tell a Tale - Austenland

I read a few dud books lately so instead of telling you about how bad they are I thought I'd tell you about a cute movie I saw recently, that's based on a book (that I haven't read).

Synopsis (from For as long as she can remember, Jane Hayes (Keri Russel) has treasured the writings of the author behind such literary classics as Emma and Pride & Prejudice.  For years, Jane has been stashing away funds in the hopes that someday she would be able to afford a trip to Austenland - a place where the die-hard fan can be completely immersed in the elegant world of the beloved author.  When Jane finally manages to save up enough, she excitedly packs her bags and books a room.

Upon arriving, Jane quickly discovers that Austenland is everything she had ever imagined.  Every detail is exquisite, save for one small exception:  Jane's limited funds mean that she can't enjoy the same luxury experience as other, wealthier bachelorettes who currently populate Austenland, but she decides to make the most of her trip regardless.  Later, when Jane falls into a romance with a dashing young servant, a lifetime of dreams suddenly begin to come true.

Review: This is a very cute movie.  I don't think there's any other word for it.  Keri Russel is very sweet and charming and you can't help but root for this poor sheltered bird.  Of course, with Jennifer Coolidge as her sidekick you know there will be at least a few laugh out loud moments.

This is a great girls night movie,  you have period costumes, a love triangle, beautiful countryside, Jane Austen references galore, and more than a few handsome men~

I didn't really think I'd like it but I was bored and I needed a break from Battlestar Gallactica on Netflix so I chose this movie, and I'm so glad I did.  If you like Keri Russel in Waitress then I think you'll also enjoy this film.

I haven't read the book, I imagine it must be from the  "Chic Lit" genre which I steered away from a few years ago, but as a movie I can handle it.

Have you read this book or seen the movie?  What did you think?  Did you know that there are actually Jane Austen tours that you can take?  Would you ever immerse yourself in Austenland?  Leave a comment below~

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Donna Wilkes said...

How strange - I just watched this movie the other night. I needed something to knit by. Jennifer Coolidge made this movie - I am a huge fan of hers. It was quite funny. I hope you watched all the way through the credits for the surprise ending. Checking for the book at the thrift shop.


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