Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Strip of DIY Earrings

My niece got her ears pierced this year so I wanted to give her some new earrings for her birthday this month.

Using my smallest molds I made a whole pile of them.

Some of them even glow in the dark!

I had all sort of ideas for making a holder for them all but in the end decided to just put them on a simple strip of glitter foam.

 I cut a little 2" strip and stuck it onto some cardstock and trimmed away the excess cardstock.

On the back, I measured an equal distance and drew 2 lines.

 With my extra small hole punch I punched a series of holes down each line for the earrings to fit into.


But now, how to wrap them?!?!  I used an empty paper towel roll!

And then just wrapped it up like a giant firecracker~

I used to love getting earrings for a gift when I was young.  Now I rarely remember to put them on.  How about you?  Do wear earrings everyday?  Leave a comment below~

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