Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer PJ's

Although Summer is almost half over for most of North America, it seems to be just beginning where I live.  So I figured I better get prepared in case we actually get some nice super hot scorching weather and make a nice cool set of pj's.

I made this top with a remnant I had from this awesome vintage 1974 pattern.

This was one of the very first vintage patterns I ever bought.  I made View C and just cut it off short.

Then I just happened to have some undies that I had already made, so now I have a cute little set!

So bring it on Summer!  I'm ready for you!


Sewanonymous and So Much More said...

Cute summer jammies - baby dolls really! It's kind of funny because that was one of the first patterns I ever bought (in 1974) .....I loved my nightie. I made the other view. I still have the pattern - Maybe I'll have to will it to my daughter one

Donna Wilkes said...

I had that pattern back then and made a long dress to wear to a dance. Later made a dress for a wedding.

Mindy said...

OK, now I want to make myself some jammies! Time to go find some patterns, I guess. =)


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