Friday, July 4, 2014

Fun Summer Straps

I had a T-shirt in my drawer that is far too tight on me these days (for the life of me I can't find my before photo), so I decided to cut it up and make a cute little Summer Top for my niece.

Once I cut off the sleeve and reshaped the neckline, I added an adorable iron-on.

Wholeport Iron On Transfer

Now, for the actual project....cut some strips T shirt fabric if you have it, or if you can shorten your top, take it from the bottom or the sleeves.

Hem the armholes and the neckline and then add the straps.  No need to finish them in any way at all, no tubes, no hemming, nothing.

Cut about 1 metre of contrasting embroidery thread.  Fold it in half and knot it around the base of your strap.

Now just wrap it around your strap, crisscrossing every couple of inches or so and knotting it.

When you get to the end just wrap it around the base and knot like you did on the front.

Repeat on the other side, and tah dah!  You've got yourself the cutest little summer top ever!

The only improvement I would make next time is to make my straps even wider, then the thread has more to wrap around.

I'm seeing my niece this weekend!  I hope she loves her new summer wardrobe that I've been making for her~

Have an extra crafty weekend everyone!  My big plans include sanding down the metal hand rail at my front entrance and repainting...what an exciting life I lead~


Mitzi said...

What a cute little project! You always have lovely ideas, Tamara!

Unknown said...

great idea! love the thread wrapping! I can see adding this to a few projects! good luck with the sanding :)

Beauty and others said...

nice! i like it:)


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