Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Luggage Tags

A few months ago I booked a big expensive trip with a travel agency and as a great big fat thank you they gave me this lovely set of plastic luggage tags.

I'll never use them because I make my own from scrap magazines (tutorial here).

So, instead of just chucking these out (they were a gift after all), I slathered on some Mod Podge, covered them with some cute paper, and added one each to the Easter bags for my niece and nephew.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  My niece and nephew travel and come visit their relatives every once in awhile so these should come in handy for them.

Or they can just attach them to their school backpacks.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll start a new trend!

What do you do with the trinkets that travel agents dole out?  Leave a comment below~

1 comment:

Donna Wilkes said...

Even the pack rat I am would have toss these. You did a wonderful job making them useful again. They would be cute hanging on a backpack.


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