Thursday, April 3, 2014

Almighty Voice - My Favourite Local Band

Let me start by saying I AM NOT A GROUPIE, but I am a big fan of a local band from my hometown.

Almighty Voice

They're a wonderful group of songwriters with great folksy rocking tunes that definitely get your feet tapping.  And they're in a nationwide contest with CBC radio (that's the national broadcaster in Canada, like NPR in the States).

Take 2 minutes and head on over to the CBC Music site to vote for them and listen to one of their songs. Just hit the green button at the bottom of the screen when you get there.  If you really like them you can go back the next day and vote again!

Here's their bio:
Backed by winter chilling Five-part harmonies, All Mighty Voice plays a rugged blend of Alternative, Folk-Rock. Weaving elegance, grit and simplicity, they are backed by a wall of sound built with Upright Bass, Percussion, Piano/Organ, Electric/Acoustic Guitars and Harmonica. From different paths, five song writers come together as a family and let THAT shine through their Live Show. 


We have a tradition of fostering amazing musical talent in this part of the country, so go on and check them out.  When they become rich and famous you can tell all your friends that you were the first to hear if I can get them lots of votes maybe they'll give me free tickets to their next show ;)

Do you like live music?  Have a favourite local band of your own?  Leave a comment below~

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