Friday, November 1, 2013

Faux Gilded Antique Frame

If you follow me on Pinterest than you may have noticed a new little obsession of mine...printables.  Well, I decided to stop collecting and start using and came up with this great little frame for an old world map I found online.

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Here's what you need to get started on your own frame:

-a wooden thrift store frame
-a great printable image like THIS one
-Mod Podge or leafing adhesive and sponge brush
-gold foil
-optional: paint and a burnishing tool

(I know I could do all of this with real gold leaf but I'm trying to use what I have on hand, and besides, gold leaf is a bit on the messy side.)

1) I picked up this great frame at the thrift store because I liked that it already had colour on it.  If you're using an unfinished frame add a coat of a nice dark colour like navy, black, or burgundy.  Or course,
don't forget to pop out the glass and backing materials before you get started.

2) I ran out of leafing adhesive ages ago and have never been able to find it since, so I decided to try out Mod Podge, and guess what!  It worked!  Now, it's not as good as leafing medium but it'll do in a pinch.  Just dab the Mod Podge on all around your frame, focusing on the edges and all the places you want your gold to show up.

3) Let the glue sit for a few minutes.  Once it gets to a tacky stage pull out your gold foil.  Keep in mind that I'm not using actual gold leaf.  This is just a foil that I got in a crafting kit (again, it was ages ago), and figured I'd see if it would stick...and guess what!  It did!

Really rub it on.  Don't be afraid to press too hard.
Once you see your frame showing through
then you know it's sticking.
4) Keep going all around your frame.  When you're done that, move onto the glass.  Do the exact same thing.  If you have a burnishing tool it will come in handy for rubbing the foil onto the glass.

Press hard but make sure you're on a flat surface so that you don't crack or break your glass.

Cut your printable to size, replace the glass in the frame, add your printable, and throw on the backing because you're done!

Just like that you've got a very antiquey, very golden looking piece to hang up on your wall.

I've got photos from my trips around the globe up all around my house (which at least one of my friends has insinuated is slightly narcissistic, but I don't care).  I think this old map makes a nice addition and tells people how I see the world...just one great big place to explore!

I've got a couple of trips planned and I can't wait to tell you about them once I get things in place.  It's been awhile since my trip to Thailand so I'm really looking forward to getting away again.  Do you have any vacation plans this winter?  Leave a comment below and tell us where you're going!

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Eimear said...

Very vintage chic! I have that map print on my to-buy list as well, never thought about a frame for it...


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