Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cupcake Holders

Every month I get a nice little package in the mail from Wholeport.  Usually I ask for fabric or jewellery making supplies, but last month I ventured into the baking section of their website and found all kinds of fun items.

I know it's all very spring timey for this point of the year, but I couldn't resist all the prettiness.  I was going to invite the ladies over for cupcakes and tea but I just can't find a hankering for cupcakes right now.  So instead, I filled them with my all time favourite home-made cookie...haystacks (aka unbaked cookies).

Not only was I shocked that the beautiful ceramic stands got here in one piece, but I was also very impressed by the type of paper that Wholeport uses for the butterflies and cupcake wrappers.

12 pretty fluttery butterflies come in the package.

It's a gorgeous thick pearlescent card stock.  See how it shimmers?!?

You get 12 cupcake wrappers in the set!

And the wrappers are nice and thick too!

You get 4 mini cake bases all together!

There are sooooo many choices for colours and different designs on the Wholeport site.  I can't wait to show you the wrappers I got for Christmas!

I know you might be thinking you could just make these on your cutting machine at home, but I know that with the state that my mat and knife are in, I'd never get the clean precision cuts that these pieces have.

So, the lesson is, even if you're not a baker, go check out the baking section because you never know what kind of fun goodies you'll find there~

*This post is sponsored by Wholeport however I have received no compensation other than the product shown and all opinions are my own.

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