Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recap: Last Minute Gift Boxes

Today's recap project is for those of you who love the pressure of last minute projects, surprise guests, and forgotten wrapping.  It's quick, it's easy, and I guarantee that your friends and family will be impressed with your handmade touch~
The Last Minute Gift Box
(originally posted December 17, 2010)
I made some little presents for some friends from work but because I've been sick and it's been cold (deep freezer cold!!) I haven't been able to get out to buy gift boxes to put them in.  Suddenly it hit me....didn't I purchase something off of the Home Shopping Channel not too long ago that made boxes?!?!?  (if you've read the last few posts you may think that the Home Shopping Channel is a new sponsor, but they're not, I just shop there that much~)

Here's what I bought:

It's called the Ultimate Crafter's Companion.  This thing can help you make loads of different kinds of amazing cards and envelopes and boxes, plus you can do all kinds of embossing and scoring.  You can even make bows with it!  It's incredible.  It's also a little overwhelming.  This is the first time I've used it since it arrived at my doorstep about three months ago because I didn't really know where to start with it.

Anyway, onto the boxes.  These are really cute, super easy, and great for small gifts that are awkward to wrap (like maybe some wine gems???).  Here's what you'll need:

You don't actually need the Ultimate Crafter's Companion or a bone folder, I just needed an excuse to use mine.

1) Cut your paper into a rectangle.  You can use any size but for reference mine is 6" X 12".  Fold your paper in half across the width.

2) Locate the center of one end of your paper and make a small mark.  Now you can score a line from there to the middle fold. (It's actually better to score it on the wrong side of your paper.)  Score two lines, one to each corner, creating a triangle.

3) Do the exact same thing on the other side of your paper so that you have two triangles.

4) Fold your triangle sides up, wrong sides together, towards the centre of your paper along your scored lines.  It should sort of look like a boat.

5) Fold inwards on centre fold.

6) Make a small hole through both thicknesses of paper on each side and thread some pretty ribbon through.

A hole punch would definitely work better than my "stab the paper with scissors" technique

TAH DAH!!!!  Wasn't that easy peasy?!?

It's already so pretty but you can jazz it up with pretty edges if you have scalloped scissors or punches.  You could even use plainer paper and add some embossing to it to personalize it.  Let your imagination soar. 

This little box is so easy and takes almost no time at all to complete but your friends will be impressed with that extra handmade touch.  I'm putting gifts inside of mine but am thinking about making some more to give to guests as they leave a small party I'm having this weekend.  I might fill them up with candies or other Christmas goodies!

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I hope this is helpful for all of you last minute wrappers out there!  Leave a comment and let me know if you have some other ideas for these cute boxes.


Little City Farm said...

This is really cute, Tamara and looks easy enough for me to take a shot at, lol.

Susanne said...

The boxes looks great. I wish I had seen this post sooner, because I just finished my gift wrapping and it would have been nice to use this for a couple of the gifts.
Wish you a merry christmas!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. Love them! Thanks for sharing.


Pril said...

Thanks for this. Found you on the party at A2D.
I'm at work and made one with a post it note cut to a smaller size. I didn't line up my holes right but it still works and only I know. (ooopps) now to find something to tie it with. maybe a rubber band umm no i see a twisty tie!
Wonderful idea. so cute!


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