Friday, December 9, 2011

Ornament Challenge: Shabby Jars

Most of you probably know that I usually do my regular crafting tutorials on Fridays, so I've been saving today's Christmas ornament project especially for today.  I'm so excited about this one.  If you're new here though, make sure to go back through this whole week because every day my friend Gen and I have been trying to outdo one another making Christmas tree ornaments.

Here's what you'll need for today's big ornament extravaganza!

1) Make sure your jars are clean, both inside and out.  You can use any size jar you want but make sure that a votive sized (battery operated) candle can fit through the top opening.  Measure the side of your jar to figure out how wide to cut your cloth.

2) Cut a piece of cheese cloth or other light weight cotton fabric (muslin would be an excellent alternative) to fit snugly around your jar.

3)Find some great Christmas images or family photos to use as graphics (I got mine from the Graphics Fairy) and print onto T-Shirt transfer paper. (don't forget to reverse it if there's any writing on your image)

5) Following the manufacturer's directions, iron your image onto the fabric.  If you're using cheese cloth make sure to put something underneath or else you'll stain your ironing board cover.

6) Sew a seam so that it will allow the fabric to sit tightly on your jar.

And now you can jazz it up with a bit of hemp cord or raffia if you like, add a tea light, and display on your mantle.

I can hear you now..."That's very pretty Tamara but it's not an ornament!" Yes, you are right.  So, let's make it into an ornament with just one extra step.

7) This time, shrink it all down and use a baby food jar, do all of the steps above and then add a cute little wire hanger by wrapping lightweight wire around the top of the jar.  You can even string it with beads or use yarn.  Whatever you like~

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So pretty!  I really love these.  I thought it would take a lot of time and effort to put these all together, but the reality is that they are sooooooo easy~

I'm in a bit of a rush today but normally I'd add more bling and then these could make wonderful gifts too!

Please, please, please, only use battery
operated 'fake'votive candles
if you are putting this in your tree!

You would not believe how gorgeous this silly little thing looks on the tree when it's lit up.  The crapola picture above really does not do it justice.  I can only imagine what a showstopper it would be if you covered your tree in these.

Now head on over to Cabin Fevered Gem to see what she made.  And if you're crafting along with us make sure to link up to the Make it Great linky party.  I'm leaving it open extra long this week so that you can add your ornament creations!

One more day left!  Come back tomorrow to see Ornament # 7!

Guess what?!?!?  You've made my Christmas wish come true!!!  Over 400 followers!  THANK YOU!  You know what that means....I get to throw in some handmade jewellery into the Surprise Giveaway, make sure to get your comments in! 



Its superb! I like it more then your previous cool ideas!

Gen said...

Wow. Totally didn't see that one coming! Nicely done my friend!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Okay you are just to very crafty and I love this look. Fits perfectly with my more prim rooms. Better start eating the spaghetti sauce.

Little City Farm said...

Congratulations on 400 followers. Woohoo. :)

Megan said...

this looks really pretty. I love the fabric over the santa!


Ruth said...

These are amazing. I love the cheesecloth with the light behind it. Thanks for sharing this.

Deanna said...

Love how they glow! So pretty! Thanks for sharing!


pete said...

These are beautiful!! Wish I had seen them before Christmas, altho now I have time to collect jars for next year! Thank you for sharing!!!


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