Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ornament Challenge: Christmas Cone

Well, it's Day 4 of the ornament challenge and our trees are really starting to fill out now.  Gen over at Cabin Fevered Gem challenged me to make 7 ornaments in 7 days all in the name of Christmas crafting fun.

Today's ornament proves that the more glitter you throw on something, the more it looks like you put loads of work into it...even when you didn't~
Here's what you'll need for today's ornament:

1) Using a small plate or other handy circle, trace and cut out a circle from your glittery scrapbook paper.  (The only reason I went old school on this and didn't use my Silhouette was because this paper is soooo thick that my machine doesn't do a very good job with it, even on double cut mode).

2) On the back of your paper find the centre of your circle and mark it.

3) Cut out a wide mouth pac-man type shape, making sure not to go past the centre mark.

4) Use hot glue to stick the edges together to make a cone. (If you're using lighter weight paper you can use some other type of adhesive, whatever works for you).

I held it together with some clips just until it dried.

5) I swear I was going to make my own rosette, with tea dyed book pages and everything.  Then I remembered that I had these beautiful pre-made rosette's from K&Company.  Why go to all the trouble when you have something this pretty just waiting to be used???

6) Cut about 6"- 7" of ribbon and adhere to each side of the cone at the top.

~I completely forgot...I was going to add some pretty decorative trim along the top of the cone...oh well, maybe I'll remember on the next one~

7) Once you're happy with how blinged out your cone is, fill it with candies, small pine cones, or other fun christmassy stuff.

Tah dah!

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Now just add it to your tree and enjoy how the glitter catches the Christmas light!

Don't forget to go check out Cabin Fevered Gem to see what she made today!

If you're making ornaments with us, make sure to link up at the Make it Great Monday linky party!  It's open all week~

Just a few more days to enter the Surprise Giveaway !  Get your comments in by Saturday and you might win some handmade buttons~


Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love adding things to my tree that are glittery or reflective - the more shine the better!


just beautiful :) i always like glitter stuff..cute!!

Gen said...

This one is so you! All blinged out! Lovely. Gen

Kei said...

That looks totally cute! I love the use of glitter paper--keep seeing that stuff and it looks awesome for crafts!

Unknown said...

Love it! I loved what you said about the glitter! So funny!


Punky Prep said...

Love, love, love the paper cone!

Mandy said...

Gorgeous! I'd love it if you shared this at a party that I have going on at Project Queen. I'm your newest follower!

South Bay Studio said...

Very cute and you made it look simple. Thanks, Kathi


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