Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Door

I have been a crafting maniac lately.  Seriously.  Just look at the mess in my studio...

But it's all worth it because here's the end result. 

Aren't they pretty?!?!!  I have a friend who sells my bags in her shop here.  Almost everything in her shop is made in Saskatchewan.  She has everything from garlic and mustard to candles and bags and pottery.  It's really beautiful.  I'm going to see if she's interested in the little beauties above too!  Crossing my fingers~

Anyway, I managed to tear myself away from all of that to make this week's craft....a fall wreath.  Well, not really a wreath.  The only time I stick a wreath on my door is Christmas, so it's a Fall Cone instead.

I shot loads of pics because I was really making this whole thing up as I went along, but really, it's dead easy.

Here's what you need:

Basically just grab anything odds and ends that are
decorative and fit in with your colour scheme~

1) Create a cone shape with your scrapbooking paper and glue together.

The back will be open like this.

I was actually just going to leave mine like that but I realized it would be sturdier with something holding it together back there so I just glued on some plain paper.  The clips are on only until the glue dries.

2) I added odds and ends of fake flowers and leaves to see how it would look.  The whole thing probably would've gone together easier if I had taken them out after this but for some reason I stubbornly left them in there for the rest of the project~

3) Add some pretty ribbon to the top of the cone by gluing to the back.

Bring round to the front and tie a nice bow.

4) Now you just start throwing bits and bods on of any left overs you have.  Left over sequins from the Butterfly Cushion Project ?  Sure throw them on! 

5) Got a doily?  Go ahead!  Throw it on there!  (I gathered it in the back and secured it with thread and then just pinned it to the ribbon)

6)  When you're done adding things, punch a hole in either side and insert some ribbon to act as a hanger.

Make sure you knot your ribbon on the inside enough times that it doesn't slip through the hole.

7) And that is it!  Voila!  A pretty fall door~

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 I know, I know...My door needs to be painted.  But it's 100 years old and I think the cracked paint gives it character so I just can't bear to do it.

Fall Wreath, Fall Door, Fall Decorating, DIY Fall Door, Autumn Decor, Easy DIY Fall Craft

 That's about the extent of my seasonal decorating until Christmas so I hope you like it.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  And don't forget to come back here on Monday for the Make it Great Linky party!

Have a great weekend everyone~


Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Beautiful project, I love this cone with the fall foilage and all of your embellishments. Your blog is my BLOG OF THE WEEK. You can find it mentioned on Cedar Hill Ranch's FB page,
and I have a post scheduled to go on Sunday.

Have a blessed day!!

Mindy said...

What a great project!!

(...and I agree with you--don't paint that door! What character!) ;-)


what a cool lovely project :) you are so smart honey!

Little City Farm said...

That is so pretty. Had to laugh when you said you refused to take the flowers out to finish the project. I would do that too and then curse myself the entire time.

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Okay, you are on my blog again today!! This time I am giving a thanks to all of the blogs that featured CHR. I know it was a long time ago!) Here's the link. Have a blessed day.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

What a creative idea!! You did a great job! I am now your newest follower, via the creative bloggers' hop. I hope you will follow me, too! Many blessings to you!

Momma Button said...

Just popped over from Blue Cricket Design...and I love your cone and the tutorial!! It's so cute. And I don't know if I would paint the door either.

Shirley said...

Love it! It's so original and beautiful! you have talent! :)

An Oasis in the Desert said...

So clever and looks awesome on your gorgeous door! I'm already thinking how I would make this for Christmas -- inspired! I'm your newest follower! Please come visit!
:) CAS

Erin of Salvaged Whimsy said...

I just found your blog via nifty, thrifty things and I'm so glad I did - I'm def going to be a follower. I'm not usually into jewelry much, but I love your necklace and earrings - especially the ivory colored one. I have a feeling your friend will welcome these to her store. your fall display is gorgeous as well. I think your door is amazing as is..I wouldn't want to paint it either. Honestly, it looks like it's supposed to be that way. I'm looking forward to looking through your blog and future posts. (oh, and your studio seems very organized to me - you're just multi-tasking!)


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