Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inspiration Shot: Pink Glove Dance

A slightly different inspiration shot today, because I'm just so darn impressed by my local hospital staff.

Many of you have probably heard by now of the Pink Glove Dance .  It's a campaign to raise awareness about Breast Cancer.  People from the health community get together, produce videos to be posted on YouTube, and try to get the votes to win donations for the breast cancer charity of their choice.  Top prizes are:  $10,000 for 1st place, $5,000 for 2nd place and $2,000 for 3rd place.

The folks at my local hospital created an amazing video (which I have to admit, made me pretty weepy the first time I saw it).  They didn't just dance in their pink gloves, they told a story, a journey.  It's really lovely and inspiring.

Please take 4 minutes and 19 seconds to watch the video and if you would like to vote for it you can go here and click on the like button in the top right hand corner~


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