Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Treat Bags

Yahoo!  I whole new world has opened up for me on my Silhouette machine! I've been struggling with using imported images, which is the whole reason I bought the machine, but I finally got it to work today!  (You have to use the tracing tool for any other new Silhouetters out there.)

I have a couple of little kiddies in my life who get extra special treat bags for Halloween so this is what I made for them, sans frustation for once.

First I tried out my new glitter Cri-Kits gel pens in my machine (I won them in a blog giveaway!) and was surprised at how easy it was to write with the Silhouette.

I cut out the bat shapes and stuck them on the bags with some dimensional thingamadoies and stuck some googly eyes on them.

I didn't get a shot of what's inside but I think they're going to be pretty happy.  I know I wouldn't mind a bag filled with chocolate, gummy candies, pez, and other fun Halloween treats.  Those lucky little kids!

I can't wait to see what they dress up as.  They always look so adorable when they head out in their costumes~

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