Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday Cards

I have two birthday's coming up soon so I thought I'd better get on it and make a couple of cards.

Now, I will readily admit, that card making is not my strong suit.  In fact, it's not something I'm good at at all, but I figure these kids will be more interested in what's in the gift wrap than the card, so I don't mind giving them these.

I sure hope I got it right and it's actually my nephew's 8th birthday!

I used my Silhouette to cut out a big "8" shape, smothered it in Mod Podge, and then gave it a good layer of glitter.  I used a mid weight cardstock (in fact, it was from a pantyhose package...yes, I still wear pantyhose from time to time).

I kind of figured my goose was cooked at this point, but I just let it sit overnight and it flattened itself right out!

Inside, I went overboard and used as many craft supplies as I could fit on one page.  I tried stamping, using cut outs, a flag, inking, you name it it's there.  I think this is my problem with cards, I try to put too much into it.

So, for my niece I decided to play it simple.

I don't have an embossing machine but I do have some folders, so I just stuck my card inside a folder and pressed down as hard as I could, and I got some lovely impressions!

Then I just added some 3D butterflies from Silhouette.

This time the inside is pretty plain.

I keep trying to tell myself that I would not be any better at card making, even if I had an embossing machine that does die-cutting.  But I'm still dreaming of getting one some day.  I guess I'll just have to prove myself wrong~

Do you have any card making tips and tricks or good sources of inspiration?  Leave a comment below.


MJ said...

These look great! I am really bad at card making myself although I do try sometimes. If mine looked half as good as yours I'd be very happy :)

Vicky said...

Great effort, I'm sure the children will love them. I especially like the little bird pecky over the top of the 8. I'm intrigued that you managed to get an embossed pattern by pressing the folder, you must be very strong ;-D. If I was going to offer any advice about card making, it would be practice and copy ideas but put your own twist. Card sketches are very useful and so is Pinterest.


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