Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Perfect Peasant Top

My love of the peasant top/dress is well documented on Etcetorize.  But when trying to figure out what to do with a little remnant I had I realized that I had only made the style for myself!  To remedy that I made the cutest little top for my niece.

I originally bought this fabric to make a dress for her but never got around to it.  Instead I ended up using it to make my Convertible Top project and had about a half metre left over.

I used this old pattern but lengthened it just a bit.

There's nothing overly special about this top but I think it'll look super cute on my  niece.

Now I just need to get her a straw hat and some buffalo sandals so she can wear this with her cut-offs and she'll be the perfect summertime hippie~

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

Adorable! Your niece is going to love it! I used to wear tops like these back in the day....


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