Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6 Inches Lighter

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but it's been nothing but cold and rainy here lately and all I want to do is curl up under a warm blanket and read a book (yes, it is actually summer here, it just doesn't feel like it).

So, I decided it was time for a pick me up and went to the hair salon!

I was going to go much shorter but of course, the nearer my appointment got, the more freaked out I got, so I went for this instead.  It's not drastically different but it's several years of hard growing out time gone, just like that, in a snip!

With my large collection of hair pieces and clip-in extensions I'm pretty brave about cutting these days.  I figure if it's not working for me, I'll just throw some other hair in and fix it.  But I'm having fun with this cutesy cut.

I noticed a few people staring at me while I was out shopping the other day.  I hope it was because they were admiring my hair, and not because I had something on my pants or some other embarassment that only they noticed.

This was the original inspiration that I chickened out of:

cute cut

I'm feeling a little Kit Hoover "newscaster" ish with my new do, but it still works.

Do you like it better long or short?  You can be honest, like I said, I can go long again quite easily.  Leave a comment and let me know~


Beckey said...

I love it short! So cute and summery! I cut about the same amount off my hair in April. Of course - today it seems to have completely lost it's curly little mind - but most days I am so happy I cut it!

Sandra Lee said...

I'm a short hair fan and your cut is really cute. The shape of your face is perfect for it.

Mindy said...

It's very flattering!


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