Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last Minute Gift Bag

When I say "Last Minute", I really mean last minute.  As in, I was about to leave the house on Mother's Day to pick up my gift and go for a visit when I realized the only gift bags I had were from Christmas and this one from shopping.

So, as fast as I could I found a 3-D flower pattern on my Silhouette and cut a bunch out.

Then I just glued them onto my bag.  Voila!  All done.  If I had more time I think I would've covered the whole entire bag~

This is why I never throw anything out.  I know there will come a time when eventually it will become useful.

How about you?  Do you hang onto shopping bags or do they go straight into the recycle bin?  Leave a comment below~


Jill said...

Ha Ha! I do the same with old bags - keep them then cover up the logo with pretty things! Cute bag too!

Amy C said...

What a great way to upcycle all those bags that we all end up with! 3-D paper flowers are one of my favorite things. They are perfect on your gift bag. Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange.

avisiontoremember said...

Such a great idea! Thanks for stopping by and linking up to The Creative Exchange!

Sum of their Stories said...

I do this too! It's such a shame not to use a perfectly good bag just because some company has scrawled their name all over it! For my son's birthday I cut out a batman symbol, wrote his name on it in silver pen and stuck it over the logo on a black bag, he thought it was very cool!
Those flowers are so pretty, I have Silhouette envy again! What a good thing you are a keeper of things that might just come in handy!


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