Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fastest Manicure Ever

This is going to sound like some cheesy ad but I swear to you this is a true story.

After 2 days of almost perfect springlike weather where I spent as much time as possible digging around in my garden, I got a slightly anxious phone call from my friend.  She had just won FREE tickets to see one of her favourite bands, her husband didn't want to go with her, and it started in a few hours, could I pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeee go with her.

Of course I said yes.  Then I looked at my scraped up arms and legs (the raspberry bushes did not want the trim that they got) and the mess my hands were in.  I was able to clean up fairly well, but I thought my nails could do with some help.

Then I remembered that I just got a package in the mail from Influenster that had something they wanted me to try out....press on nails!

These are a bit flashy for me but I figured a concert was probably the best time to try them out.

The come with everything you need.

All you do is peel off the backing and stick them on your fingers.  I was done in less than 10 minutes.

I love the length.  They didn't get in the way while I was getting ready, they survived multiple hand washings and even the shower.  According to the package they should last for a whole week.

These are great if you have small hands like I do and aren't looking for dragon-like talons.  So far, I'm impressed imPress nails!

Oh yeah!  And the concert was FANTASTIC!  It was well worth the short scramble to attend.

*This post is sponsored by imPress nails via Influenster however I recieved no compensation other than the products shown and all opinions are my own.

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