Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FREE Underwear Patterns

There's nothing that bugs me more than clicking on a link that is supposed to take you to a DIY sewing tutorial and the post starts with "Trace a piece of clothing you already have".

You know how much I like to make my own underwear so I scoured the net to find a collection of free patterns....that are actual patterns, no tracing old underwear involved at all.

1. Sweet Cotton Panties from GoMakeMe

I'm not sure how practical these would be under a pair of snug fitting jeans, but they sure are cute and would be great paired with a pretty camisole.

2. Rosy Lady Short from Clothhabit

The older I get, the more I appreciate underwear that covers your entire bottom.

3. Rosy Lady Short from Clothhabit in lace

Even prettier in lace.

4. T-Shirt Undies from Indigorchid

My all time favourite way to recycle old T-shirts is by making them into undies!

5. Hipster Undies from HappySeamstress

These look stylish and comfortable!

6. Lowrise Undies from Hanty

You'll find more than one pattern for undies when you visit this site~

7. VeryPurplePerson gives you the low down on how to achieve different looks with different kinds of elastic along with her pattern.

There you go!  Make a different style for each day of the week.  You can check out my own homemade undies here, here, here, and here.  I've always used my favorite Kwik Sew pattern but next time I need to use up some scraps or an old T-shirt I'm definitely going to give one of these patterns a go.

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