Friday, January 31, 2014

Curling Iron Travel Cover

In case you missed it, I'm getting ready for a big trip overseas.  Today is my last project I needed to make to get my backpack ready for travel~

I don't need a new curling iron but I picked this one up the other day because the barrel is only about 3" long...perfect for travelling!

And with just a few curls it gives my hair major volume!  Also perfect for travelling!

For my hair, this is major~
But I know from experience that the curling iron is always the last thing to get thrown in the bag because it's always too hot.  So I made a simple cover for it with something I already had, in my kitchen, a pot holder~

It's the perfect size for this little guy.

With just a few stitches you create a pocket for the curling iron to sit in and because the pot holder has heat safe lining it will keep everything else in your bag safe, even when your iron is still too warm to pack.

Just tuck your iron in and you're ready to go!

I desperately need a haircut but have been putting it off until I reach Sydney.  I'm hoping to get the hop on something trendy from there, hopefully that will make me stylish when I get back. I have to admit I've been fantasizing about chopping it all off and going pixie, but I'm a little nervous about it all.

What do you think?  What type of hairstyle do you think I should try next?  Leave a comment below~


Unknown said...

Your long hair is beautiful. I love it. Unless you're really for a huge change, I'd keep it long. Of course I'm coming off a horrific haircut from a sub while my gal was on maternity leave. It has been 2 months and it feels like it hasn't grown at all. I know now to say "just a trim". Have fun on your trip.

Mindy said...

I use a potholder for my straightener, too! =)

Unknown said...

Where can I get this curling iron cover?


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