Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Batik Pillowcase Top

I was itching to sew something quick and simple the other night so I threw together this cute little top for my upcoming travels.

If you're very astute, you might remember that I previously used this lightweight cotton for my Crochet Inset Dress as well as some board shorts for my nephew.

For this simple little top I used this Butterick pattern.

I'm pretty sure I got it from the bargain bin at the second hand shop.  I just thought it had lots of good basic pieces for summertime.

In order to fit everything onto the remnant I had left I had to decrease the width of the pattern pieces so my top is a little smaller than the one shown on the pattern envelope, but it'll still do the trick and get me through those lovely, super hot +40 degree temps in Sydney~

Do you keep every little scrap and use it all up until it's done?  Or do you dislike it when too many of your clothes are made from the exact same fabric?  Leave a comment below~

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Nice! Way to use it all up. I'm definitely with you on that. "Waste not, want not" and all that jazz. ;-)


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