Friday, January 24, 2014

Mini Gift Bags

Look at all of the pretty papers Wholeport sent me this month!

I also got a cell phone cover for my sister as a gift.

So I decided to use the paper to make my own perfectly sized gift bags!

DIY Gift Bags, DIY Paper Bags

Here's all you need to make your own gift bags:

-medium/heavy weight paper
-double sided tape or glue runner
-hole punch
-optional: scalloped scissors or decorative edge punch

1) The first thing to do, if you want a decorative edge, is to punch the short sides of your paper.  (My paper is not square.  It doesn't matter the exact dimensions but a rectangle works well.)

2) Now grab something in a box that is small enough that if you place it in the centre of your paper, each side will fold to just over the halfway mark.  You'll use this to help you create nice crisp edges.  You can do it without the box, I tried, and trust me, it's much easier with something solid behind the paper.

On the edge that is still straight, fold up about 1.5" - 2".  Fold along the entire edge.

3) Now fold the sides up.  You should get a little triangle at the bottom.  Just crease along the bottom and fold inwards.  Crease the outside edge as well.  Ugh, this is hard to explain with word, I think the photo makes more sense~

4) Do the same on the other sides.  Add adhesive wherever the paper is overlapping.

5) Don't worry if that top edge doesn't meet exactly perfectly because now you're going to punch a hole in each side and add some ribbon as a carrier so it will be camouflaged.

Now just put your gift in and toss in lots of tissue paper to make it even more pretty.

I was also sent this little bag of ribbon that I wasn't sure of, but that's what I ended up using on the yellow cherry tree paper bag.

Play around with that top edge to create your own version.  I was originally going to punch it and then fold it inside so that the edge would show even more, but then I changed my mind.  I still have so much paper though, I'll probably keep experimenting with it all every time I have a gift to give.

Do you use gift bags or do you prefer the thrill of tearing off wrapping paper?  Leave a comment below~

Because I won't be around next month to use my Wholeport supplies I'm going to be giving them away to one of my awesome Etcetorizers!  Stay tuned next month to find out how you can enter to win!!

*This post is sponsored by however no compensation was received other than the products shown and all opinions are my own.

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Unknown said...

Those are so lovely, and what a smart concept for how to shut the top of the Gift Bags.


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