Monday, December 16, 2013

Movie Monday - Assembly Line Christmas Cards

Today you get two for one!
I know some of you out there are kicking yourself because you still don't have your Christmas cards done.  But there's hope!  Take a look at how quick and easy Kim from Stamping Imperfections makes a whole pile of cards in no time at all~


Now you have no excuses...and neither do I~

I just love Stamping Up! demonstrators.  I can very easily get lost on YouTube taking in all of their different amazing ideas.  Check out Kim's channel and blog for more great projects.

And if you need more ideas....

Catherine Pooler posted a series of great quick and easy to make Christmas card ideas a few years ago, but they're just as handy now and they were back then.


I don't know why, but I'm always a little surprised when someone makes it big and they continue to do their own videos and blog posts and Catherine is a pretty big deal.  I think I even have an app with her name on it on my iPad.  Check out her channel for loads more tips, tricks, and awesome ideas for the whole year~

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