Saturday, December 21, 2013

Glitter Tags

I've got a room full of wrapped presents with no tags on them.  I hope I can remember whose parcels are whose by the time I put on these pretty new tags I've made...or there are going to be some very surprised faces on Christmas morning!

Want to find out how I got such crisp fine lines in my glitter?  Keep reading to find out!

Here's what you need to make your own Quick and Easy Glitter Tags:

-scotch tape, scissors

1) I used my Silhouette to cut out my tags and do the writing for me.  While I was at it, I got the Silhouette to punch out Christmassy shapes on each tag.  If you don't have a cutting machine you could use paper punches.
I used to be called Tammy when I was a kid,
my family are the only ones who use that name now though~
2) Stick small strips of tape onto the back of your tag so that the sticky side is facing the front through your cut out shape.  (none of my photos for this step turned out but I'm pretty sure you can figure it out)

3) Pour on the glitter!  Tap it lightly into your cut out shape.

4) Just tap off the excess onto a piece of scrap paper (so that you can put back into your glitter container), and you're done!

I love how detailed I can get with the glitter, check out the deer antlers up top!  They have a bit of a translucent look to them too, which reminds me of stained glass.

Just stick them on your gifts with Christmas stickers, twine, or tape.  Now, I must run while I still remember where to put these tags.

Are you still Christmas shopping or are you all wrapped up and ready to go?  Only a few more days left!!  Leave a comment below~


Donna Wilkes said...

So neat and modern with a retro vibe. Love the glitter secret. I once wrapped all the presents and had them stacked by each person's place on the bed. My husband came behind me and STRAIGHTENED them! We had a ball opening all the gifts and figuring out who's gift it was.

Unknown said...

Very clever!!


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