Friday, September 20, 2013

Easy Fall Scarf

This project is so easy it doesn't even really warrant a tutorial, but I've been on the road all week for work so this is all I've had time to put together~

To make your own all you need is 1 metre of dyed muslin and a standard sewing kit.

I picked up this muslin at my favourite discount fabric store in Edmonton, Alberta last spring.  I've never seen coloured muslin before.  They had all sorts of pretty pastel colours.  It was hard to pick just one but in the end I went with the pretty pink.

This is the loosest weave muslin,
almost a cheesecloth but not quite.
The fabric just under 60" wide.  I thought about cutting it different ways, but in the end I simply straightened the cuts on the ends and sewed them together so that it's one big loop.  I didn't even unfold it.  So one long edge is folded and the other is the two selvedges brought together.

This is a great project to put your french seam skills to use.  That way your seam is enclosed so that it won't fray, but also people won't focus on the finished seam edge, just a pretty halo of pink around your pretty face~

I know light pink might seem more like a springtime colour, but when you pair it with a deep aubergine, olive green, or dark grey, it's gorgeous for fall.

Don't you hate it when all of a sudden,
out of nowhere,
you need a haircut~
What's your go to colour this fall?  Leave a comment below~

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I love how frothy it looks, some scarves are just so heavy but this one has such a light look to it! I'd love it if you would share it at the Pinworthy Project Party going on now at Planned in Pencil!!!

Crafts a la Mode said...

Over from Diana Rambles. Pinned and following on Pinterest, Facebook and Google+. Your friend, Linda

Mme PiNat said...

I just love it !!! The color of your scarf makes your face blooming ! Easy project and I will give it a try ! Thanks :-)

Victoria said...

Hi Tamara! This is Victoria, from Valencia (Spain). Yeees, it's very difficult sometimes to blog while working or having a busy week and when it's time to post you ask yourself: what? is that (day of the week you post) day? where has all week gone? jajaja, doesn't it sound familiar to you? for me it's the same, busy busy but there we are in blog world. Lovely scarf, I love scarves in autumm and Winter. Ah and if you want to have a look at my blog it is: Thank youu, love!

Mitzi said...

Very pretty, Tamara! I like the color you chose very much. It's perfect for you!


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