Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Channelling Elise Ward

For my new fall wardrobe I've taken inspiration from Elise Ward...otherwise known as Angelina Jolie in The Tourist~

I just think she's the epitome of grace and style in this movie.  I haven't mastered the sultry walk, the husky whisper of her voice, or the ambiance of glamour and mystery all rolled into one, but I do have an awesome fitting dress.

I had this dress in mind while I was making mine.

but I think I was subliminally inspired by this one:

Angelina Jolie Charles James dress for The Tourist

I didn't want my dress to actually look like anything she wore, I just wanted that vibe.  The look and feel of something made well, that hangs absolutely perfectly, with not one ripple...and maybe even gives you curves where you don't have any.

I'm shocked that I was able to accomplish this with such a simple (and old) pattern.

circa 1999
I made view E size 6.
Just goes to show you, sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles.

I'm so tempted to make 10 more of this dress, just in different colours, but that might look a little weird.  So, make sure to come back next week to see my other Elise Ward look~


Beckey said...

Va va voom! Great dress!

SewSweetVIntage said...

Your dress turned out fabulous! Pinning to my style board. I just picked up a sewing book from the 50's at a yard sale and this dress is included in the how-tos! I'm going to tackle some peter pan collars first! I posted Halloween Banner to Whimsy.

Kayla @ Home Coming said...

You look beautiful and your dress is great! I'm hosting a throw pillow giveaway that you should enter!


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