Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We've all heard of Wikipedia, but have you heard of Voguepedia???

If you're a sewer, then I know you're also interested in all things fashion as well.  Voguepedia is a goldmine of information on everything that Vogue (the magazine)covers, which as we all know, is the fashionista's bible.

You can type something in the search bar or just have fun clicking through the categories.  I love the Turning Points section which looks at all sorts of topics that changed the look of fashion over the years.

Because Vogue is more than just fashion, you have everything from the Bob, to shoulder pads, to stiletto heels in here.  There's a beautiful image, a short article, a timeline, along with the date that it was first shown or mentioned in Vogue.

The Bob Haircut, first shown in Vogue
December 1914.
Of course, models and personalities is a fun category to click through, but I really enjoy looking through the editors section.  This is for the real Vogue afficionado's.  We all have our favourite editors who have brought their own special flair to the magazine.  Mine is probably Grace Coddington, her fashion layouts are legendary.

A Grace Coddington directed fashion shoot.
Check out the Brands, Designers, and Photographers sections for more fabulous images and inspiration.  You're sure to find something that will spark the design for your next project.

*This is not a sponsored post, I just thought you would enjoy this fun site~

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