Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chasing Elise Ward II

Last week I showed you my Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie in the Tourist) inspired dress.  Today I'm sharing a lovely long, skin tight pencil skirt I made with the same inspiration in mind.

It has a nice kick pleat at the back that makes for easy maneuvering.  The stretch suiting I used helps too.   I took it in on the sides a bit and angled in along the bottom of the side seams to give it a more sassy look.

I made View F of this nice new Simplicity pattern:

View D is definitely on my
list of things to make.
If you make this pattern, beware the trap you might fall into if you use invisible zippers.  I didn't look ahead in the instructions and completely forgot there was a yoke.  Skip the zipper step and go back to it after your yoke is in, otherwise you will have a lot of stitches to pull....take it from me.

Unfortunately, I got some vexing news at my local fabric store.  They aren't going to carry Simplicity patterns any more.  Apparently Simplicity no longer has any distribution from Canada so a lot of stores have given up on them because they take so long to receive orders.  New Look is already next to impossible to find, now Simplicity too!

Good think I know how to shop online~

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