Friday, March 22, 2013

Boxy Top

Here's a fun, stylish, and super duper easy sewing project that's great for everyone!

 Here's what you'll need to make your own top!

- fabric (any kind, woven or knit is fine) (1X length of top if you're using wide fabric, 2X the length if you're using narrow fabric) and matching thread
-standard sewing kit (pins, scissors, thread, sewing machine, etc.)
-tracing/craft paper, pencil, ruler or measuring tape
-bias tape

First off, we're going to make a pattern, because I know you'll want to make more than one of these.  This will be our base pattern, but there are so many variations you can make with this.

*Note, all of the measurements you see are for a small/medium size.  If you want to make yours a size large add 1-1.5" to each of the measurements,  XL, 2-2.5", etc.  This is meant to be very flowy so don't get too hung up on exact measurements.

1) Start by drawing a box like the one below onto some tracing or craft paper:

It's a rectangle, it just looks funny
because of the angle of my camera.
2) To make the front:

Front neckline:
-measure 4" down on top left hand corner and make a mark,
-from the same corner, measure across 6" (15cm) (not shown on photo)
-attach these two marks with a curved line.

-measure 2" down from top right hand corner,
-connect with top of neckline.

Sleeve opening:
-measure down 10" from top right hand corner and make a mark.

Bottom Hem:
-measure down 1" from bottom left hand corner,
-extend line across and gently curve upward near bottom right hand corner.

The edge of the paper
will be placed on the fold of your fabric
when you cut.
3) To make the back:

-Trace the same outline as the front, the only measurement that's different is the neckline.

Back neckline:
-measure down 1" from top left hand corner and attach to shoulder point with a gentle curve, just as above.

Left hand side is still edge of paper
and will be place on a fold.

Easy peasy, right?!  Now let's put your top together!!

1) Go ahead and cut from any sort of fabric you have on hand.  You can flip the back piece over if you have wide fabric.

2) With wrong sides together, stitch the shoulder seams.

You can do a French seam
if you have really sheer fabric
like mine~
3) Again, with wrong sides together, stitch side seams.  Make sure to stop at the armhole opening (the pin that's going crosswise, you made this mark on your pattern).

4) Steam seam allowance down, extending all the way around the armhole opening stitch down.

5) Attach bias tape to neckline, fold under, and sew down with a top stitch.  I also like to understitch as close to the seam as possible but this is optional.  This extra step makes the fabric and tape lay even flatter.  (If you decide to do this, do it prior to any top stitching.)
I didn't have matching bias tape on hand so I had to
make due with seam tape.
Use bias tape if you have it~
6) Fold and stitch down hem at bottom.

TAH DAH!!!!  Wasn't that easy?!?!

I have to tell you, I surprised myself with how pretty this turned out!  I'm quite pleased with it.

You can add embellishments to jazz it up if you've used a plain fabric or I have some other fun variations in mind that I will try to share soon (once I stop travelling so much for work).

This top is so versatile and perfect for spring!  Now, if it would only stop snowing I could pull out all my pretty spring tops!

Send some hot weather my way...PLEASE!

Have a crafty week everyone~

This project was featured here:

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Pam @Threading My Way said...

Such a cute little top. Love the fabric you've used. Pinning this...

Unknown said...

So cute and looks easy too! The translucent material is gorgeous! I'm your newest follow via linky party this morning! Would love a visit from you!

Jess said...

Cute and easy! My kind of project. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I love it! Its so pretty!

Jessica Cobb said...

What a cute top! I'm going to have to try this, I pinned it!

Anonymous said...

Hey how did you add the cool writing on the picture? ( The picture you are showing the Boxy Top)

Etcetorize said...

Hi Hailymac...I use either picmonkey or ribbet for all of my photo editing. They're both free online but ribbet has more free features right now. The font on the pic above is over at Have fun!

Unknown said...

EVERYTHING you make is amazing! I just love seeing what you come up with. I will have to make a few tops like this, great to dress up and or down :)

Etcetorize said...

Oh my gosh! Heather, that's such a lovely thing to say. Thanks for making my day :)

Rita said...

This turned out so cute! Thanks for the pattern.

Unknown said...

wow, you make it look so simple!

i love the choice of fabric :)


Kelly said...

This is beautiful! I love seeing sewing projects for clothes that look very now and in style. Thanks for linking this up to Monday Funday!

Kelly @ View ALong the Way

With A Blast said...

This is lovely ! Would love it if you link this to our weekly party :-)

Happy Easter!

Mandy Beyeler said...

Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at - you were featured yesterday! Most viewed link!
- - Mandy, Sugar Bee Crafts

avisiontoremember said...

Thanks so much for linking up to check me out saturday! You were featured on this weeks highlights:

Make sure to stop by and grab a you were featured button! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing what you post tonight on this weeks craft link party!

Zeea said...

I just read your tutorial. I made a long (what I called a Caftan) this winter for myself but I used the same idea except I thought it original! I used two fleece throws (it was a cold winter)and left the stitching for decoration around the edges and sewed the side seam so it would be more form fitting, you and also put pockets in it. I love how this simple design can be used in so many ways and with so many different fabrics. Try using scarves or light cottons for a cover-up. It's great you shared this! I almost forgot.. looks good on all sizes!

Unknown said...

I made this early on a Saturday morning. It took me just under two hours, but only because I serged the edges with the serge stitch on my sewing machine, that's a bit slow. I love this top and it fits really nicely. I'll be making another one soon! Thanks so much for this one!


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