Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"New" Old Patterns

Not too long ago I asked you if you'd be willing to pay over $100 for a beautiful vintage pattern.  From those of you who answered the question, the majority said, no way.

Well, you're in luck!  Have you heard of EvaDress?

EvaDress sells newly drafted vintage patterns for excellent prices.

I haven't used any of the patterns from Eva Dress (yet) but she really does have some beautiful vintage designs.

1929 Evening Wrap

Believe it or not, this is a nightgown pattern!  I love nightwear from the '30's and'40's because you could easily wear it as a regular dress.

Ladies' Night or Evening Gown
Eva Dress
Just look at all the options in this one!

Eva Dress

It doesn't get more dramatic than this!
1929 Coat
Eva Dress
I would consider getting married, for no other reason than to make and wear this beautiful gown!  Just kidding....sort of~
1935 Wedding Gown
Eva Dress
Go visit Eva Dress if you love vintage patterns.  What I've shown is is only a small fraction of what she has available.  She even has a gallery of garments made from the patterns.

If you could bring back the style from a past era, which one would you choose?  Leave a comment below~

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