Monday, March 11, 2013

Fashion Star

Did you watch Fashion Star last week?!?!

Fashion Star
They've changed things up a bit and I like it!  It's pretty fast moving, I really like the new host, and the mentors now have a team each and are 'competing' against one another to have one of their own make it to the end.

For the first show this season, the designers had to come up with a 'showstopping' piece.  Everyone came up with great pieces but I thought only a few of them were actual show stoppers.

I would never wear this dress by Daniel, but I like that he made something different and took some risk.

LOVE this dress in the black by Johanna.  The belt is very 'gucci-esque".

I can't find a photo that does this dramatic coat by Silvia justice, but trust me, it's gorgeous.

And then this dress by Tori sent the buyers into fits of spending.  For the life of me I can't figure out what's so jaw dropping about it.

These were the bottom two designs.

Garret and JesseRay

Do either of those say showstopping to you?  Which one would you have sent home?  Do you want me to tell you who it actually was?

OK, if you haven't watched this yet and are going to, then stop reading NOW.  SPOILER ALERT***

They sent Bret and his skinny pants walking.  :(   To be honest with you, I quite like those pants.  I guess they're very last season, but still, better than the 1980's school dance dress above it.

Oh well, that's the game I guess.  I can't remember what next week's theme is but I'm sure it will be exciting.

If you don't live in North America and have no idea what this entire post is about, you can check out the Fashion Star site HERE.

Would you purchase any of the designs above?  Leave a comment below and tell us which ones you like.  (There are more on the Fashion Star website).

Also, you can purchase the designs that the buyers purchased, right now, over at Express, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Reds Creations said...

I LOVE the Sylvia jacket/dress one and I didn't see anything draw dropping or show stopping about that dress by Tori, either! There was one other dress that I was ready to go online and buy, but was waaaay out of my price range, lol.


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