Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Really a Retirement "Retirement" Card

I mentioned a couple of months ago that things at work were very stressful but I didn't really get into it, because that's not really what I do here.  I come here to create and try to be positive and make pretty things.

But today, my two worlds collided.  I had to make a card for one of my colleagues who has "retired".  It's not really a retirement though.  Due to corporate downsizing and massive budget cuts we were all notified about a month ago (officially) that we were losing our jobs.

Luckily, my co-worker has found another job and so he can now 'retire' and move onto his new job.  So what kind of card do you make for someone who will be collecting a pension but continuing to work????  Quite the conundrum...until I did a bit of searching through pinterest and found some inspiration.

I always find making cards for males a bit more challenging.

I used these cute Paula Deen cupcake wrappers to add some colour.

 This is not my best work.  To be honest I sort of whipped it up at the last minute.  I just hope that he'll appreciate the hand made touch~
The inspiration card:


Theresa said...

So creative and catchy. I'll have to keep this in mind if I ever have to make such a card. Recieving a handmade card is my favorite.


well Done Tamara..its really nice with a perfect theme..
Have fun!


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