Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Motivated Monthly: Hello Baby!

Before we dive into Baby month for the Motivated Monthly party I have an announcement....  This will be the last month I hold the Motivated Monthly party.  Mainly for two reasons:

1) I can tell that people don't really read the posts for the linky parties by the number of people who link up anything they want and don't even bother to read what the party is all about;
2) I thought I'd have some help with the parties and I'm back on my own now and I'm finding it to be a challenge to get around to all of the posts to check out all of the projects and leave a meaningful comment on each.

I started the Motivated Monthly party with my friend Gen who is having a brand new baby this month.  So, in honour of her impending joy, we will hold this one last party to celebrate baby related projects and give her lots of ideas of things she can do for the newest member of her family.

So, what are we looking for this month?
Things you've made related to a BABY. 
It's pretty simple. 
Like this set of baby booties I made Gen when she first found out she was preggo:

I have a few rules though, if you link up something that doesn't follow these rules, not only will I know that you're one of the ones who links and leaves but your project will be deleted.  I'm a hard ass, I know~
Please only link:
1) To your Family Friendly Project Post that you've made yourself, not your main blog page
2) Maximum of 3 projects that you haven't linked up before
3) Please, no shops, giveaways, round ups, or commercial sites
4) Feel free to hit one of those Follow buttons on the sidebar ;)

And, not really a rule, but something you won't regret if you do....go visit some of the other links and leave a comment, we all love comments right? And you never know what kind of goodies you'll find!


All right, let's see what you've got, and make sure it's related to BABIES:
(If you link up you are giving me permission to tell the world how great you are and possibly post a picture or a link to your awesome project either here, on Facebook, or on Pinterest. Make sure you're OK with this before you link up.)


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Hurray hard asses! Sorry that people arent respecting your awesome party. I will miss it!

Unknown said...

Those booties are so cute! I have a pattern that looks similar, but I haven't tried it yet... now I want to! Thanks for sharing! (and sorry people suck!)


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