Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Show and Tell: Pinstripe Pants

Yes, I may have been having a bit of an '80's moment when I made these high waisted dress pants.

I usually wear these with heels,
not my flat moccasin slippers as in this pic~
The idea is to create a nice long column silhouette so that you look extra tall.  I think these sort of do the trick.

I used this pattern:

with some polyester from the bargain bin.

They fit pretty good all things considered.

I'm trying hard to do the booty tooch but I don't have much booty to tooch~  (It's one of those weird Tyra Banks made up phrases).

I think waistlines got waaaaay too low there for awhile and this is much more comfortable.  What do you think?  Could you go back to a super high waist or do you like the butt bearing low riders?

By the way....Happy Leap Year!


Little City Farm said...

If the waist of my pants could add some zip to my breasts, that I would think would be the perfect height. lol. These look great on you.

Punky Prep said...

Love those! I love that look!


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